Monthly Archives: August 2013

Photo Aug 30, 5 13 28 PM

Episode 40: Self-Centered Trilogy

Listen as Jeff talks about being too skinny for his pants, high school reunions, and being interesting.

Photo Aug 26, 7 15 36 AM

Episode 39: Hippy-Dippy Foodie

Listen as Jeff talks about hippy food and Bigfoot.

Photo Aug 23, 6 12 54 PM

Episode 38: Cow: Aftermath & Origins

Listen as Jeff further explores the life and times of cow, and the deeper significance of the tiny rubber farm animal.

Photo Aug 22, 7 20 48 AM

Episode 37: Cow

Listen as Jeff tells you a tale of loss, tragedy, and cow.

This episode also marks the moment I change the episode naming of the episodes of this podcast. Hopefully you’ll be able to find older episodes easier this way.

Photo Aug 14, 7 00 07 PM

Episode 36: August 14, 2013

Listen as Jeff battles the flu.

Photo Aug 12, 7 01 51 AM

Episode 35: August 12, 2013

Listen as Jeff talks about being a bad friend, school, and welding for some reason.