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Photo Jul 30, 6 02 34 PM

Episode 167: Woo Woo Revisited

Listen as Jeff admits he might’ve been a tad hard on woo woo.

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Photo Jul 28, 8 38 14 AM

Episode 166: Weed Science and Woo Woo

Listen as Jeff challenges Bill to make him not hate Joe Rogan.

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Photo Jul 25, 6 05 52 PM

Episode 165: Sad Cat Status Update

Listen as Jeff updates you on his sad cat.

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Photo Jul 23, 9 22 08 PM

Episode 164: Ranking Pity Party

Listen as Jeff tries to break a bad habit.

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Photo Jul 21, 8 02 02 AM

Episode 163: Proud to be a ‘Murican

Listen as Jeff forget’s his age and talks about patriotism.

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Photo Jul 18, 9 28 21 PM

Episode 162: Male Feminism is Easy (For Me)

Listen as Jeff fights depression and apathy to talk about himself.

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Photo Jul 16, 8 25 25 AM (1)

Episode 161: POPNNN

Listen as Jeff talks about the latest breaking news in the Popular Outcasts Productions Network.

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