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Photo Oct 31, 8 30 52 AM

Episode 200: Is this Real Life?

Listen as Jeff talks about how surreal the last two days have been.

Photo Oct 29, 7 39 31 AM

Episode 199: My Body Is Against Me

Listen as Jeff talks about his body failing.

Photo Oct 20, 8 51 14 AM

Episode 196: Promoter Problems

Listen as Jeff tries to figure out how to get people to come to shows.

Photo Oct 13, 8 53 20 AM

Episode 193: Gray Stoned

Listen as Jeff fights the morning brain fog to talk about an open mic.

Photo Oct 10, 8 49 25 AM

Episode 192: Hosting Challenge

Listen as Jeff talks about a new podcast and a new hosting gig.

Photo Sep 29, 9 03 20 AM

Episode 189: On My C Game

Listen as Jeff reacts to the internet calling him fat and sad.

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Photo Sep 26, 9 13 38 PM

Episode 188: It’s Time to Move

Listen as Jeff talks about a decision he has made.

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