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Photo Jun 30, 8 29 59 AM

Episode 156: Art Vs Design Vs Welding

Listen as Jeff talks about MNMOM and then loses himself in art and welding.

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Photo May 12, 4 03 36 PM

Episode 137: Down With The Sickness

Listen to the episode Jeff recorded several hours before going to the ER for his illness.

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Photo May 09, 8 10 15 AM

Episode 136: Sexy Lozenge Face

Listen as Jeff barely manages to speak.

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Photo May 02, 9 12 50 PM

Episode 133: One More Week

Listen as Jeff longs for a week from today.

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Episode 124: I Might Regret This

Listen as Jeff fears potential regret.

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Photo Mar 28, 8 01 18 AM

Episode 118: One Month

Listen as Jeff talks about a crises.

Photo Mar 07, 9 29 54 PM

Episode 109: Justin

Listen as Jeff once again reminisces about a good friend.